Notes from the Artist
Thank you for visiting these web pages.  I hope you enjoy viewing the images while learning more about my products and services.

Every picture has a story.  In time, I hope to add commentary to some of the pages.  I also welcome your thoughts and am both
moved and motivated by your words.

I am continually expanding this website, showing more of my work - both old and new - so, stop back often.

I promise not to clutter your Inbox with e-mail blasts, but if you would like, I can send you a note when I post new collections.   
Just follow this
contact link and send me a note.

One final request:

Photography is my livelihood.  Feel free to direct others to this website and to contact me for your own photographic needs.
However, please do not download or otherwise re-transmit these low-resolution, copyrighted images.  
If there are any you would like, let me know.  I would be happy to make arrangements so you, too,
will be proud of the images you have.

Best regards,
- Joseph

-  Live strong.  -  Live safe.  -
-  Live!  -  Grow!  -  Fly!  -